• Savory
  • Pimienta
  • Gaspara's
Mild Salsa

Mild - 16 oz

Medium Salsa

Medium - 16 oz

Hot Salsa

Hot - 16 oz

Chipotle Salsa

Chipotle - 16 oz

Spice up your next party: We Are A Leader in Branded & Private Label Salsa

Our experience in producing branded and private label salsa has established us as an industry leader in this field. We have been producing salsa since 1988. We stick to a strict manufacturing guideline to ensure that we consistently produce the highest quality product available for our customers.

We produce three lines of salsa: Bonnie’s, Pimienta, and Savory. Whether your customers prefer hot, medium, mild, or have a taste for chipotle or tropical mango, we’ve got the salsa.

In addition to our private label salsa we are also equipped to take your salsa recipe and formulate it to your standards and specifications. Whichever option you choose your customers will get a salsa made from the highest quality, fresh ingredients.