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From Our Kitchen To Your Grill: Our Branded & Private Label Marinades Make Barbeques Better.  Parve, Kosher, and Kosher Passover Available.

When you cook with our branded or Private Label Marinade on a barbeque your food just turns out better. All of our Marinades are developed according to a strict set of quality standards to ensure the highest quality product for customers. Customers demand quality, and that is exactly what we deliver in each of our products.

Savory Collection is our house brand Marinade. The main types of Marinades are Asian Grill, Caribbean Grill, Mediterranean Grill, Southwest Grill, Lemon Pepper, Steakhouse, Brisket, Game, and many other variations. You have the choice of stocking our brands or providing us with one of your labels to brand these Marinades as your own.

In addition to using one of our marinade recipes, you have the option of providing your own recipe which we will produce to your specifications.

Packaging options are glass containers, plastic containers, pouches, five-gallon pails, drums, and totes.

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