It makes little difference whether you’re a small, independent café or a large chain of well-known restaurants; if you’re not offering your own line of private label food products, you’re missing out on a world of opportunities. In addition to opening a bevy of new sales avenues, having your own line is an effective way to increase your restaurant’s brand awareness, while offering your own products to new geographic markets and connecting with local customers.

Here are three of the most essential reasons to consider selling your own line of private label sauces, dressings, marinades, specialty items and others.

Private Label Food Dressings

Increased Revenue

Having your own line, whether on display or as part of your menu, is one of the best known ways to encourage impulse and add-on sales during checkout. People love trying new things, so it makes sense that so many are tempted to try a new hot sauce, salsa, salad dressing or any number of others. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to sell your food products online to both locals and those who may have dined with you during a recent visit.

Significantly Enhanced Branding

Here’s something to consider. If you’re a restaurant who has not yet established its own line, your branding is essentially limited to those who drive past your location, see one of your ads, or hear your name mentioned. When you have a line, however, you’re ingrained in your customers’ lives. You’re in their refrigerator, in their cabinets, and on their kitchen counters. Every time they get hungry, in some capacity, they will see your logo. Missing out on this is nothing short of a branding catastrophe.

Another Way to Increase Customer Loyalty

Selling your own line offers a number of ways to engage with customers, in addition to establishing loyalty in the event that they move. A big, visible wall of enticing sauces and marinades in full display for all to see is a great conversation starter. It’s also an effective way to maintain the business of those regulars who move, change jobs or are only in town occasionally. The more marketing-savvy restaurants have been known to get clever with their private label items, using them as social media giveaways, promotional gifts, raffle items and more.

Co-Packing Food Services

Discover More Benefits of Private Label Foods for Restaurants

Private Label Foods, has been helping restaurants take their sales and brand recognition to new heights for over 30 years. We can’t wait to show you how fun, exciting and rewarding it can be to offer a line all your own. Our catalog includes an expansive selection of sauces, as well as dressings, marinades, salsas and many more.

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